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 Teacher Reviews

Midnight Comes to the Metaphor Cafe is a testament to the possibilities of great teaching and the bounty in mind and spirit it can generate in young people. It is chicken soup for the teacher's soul.”

- Mark McWilliams- Special Needs Advocate and Law Professor

"Not only did I enjoy Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe very much, but I learned so much about what is possible when it comes to turning a classroom into an experience. My students are captivated by the book and have transformed into more caring people, thoughtful and responsive. "

- Kristen Gall, 8th Grade Teacher Terra Del Sol Middle School, Lakeside, California

“Maddie, Mickey, Rhia, and Pari are so real I actually can see them sitting in any classroom. Students will feel that the diaries of each character are a true window into the sometimes confusing journey through high school life. Teachers will be challenged and inspired by Mr. Buscotti’s brilliant example of one way to be a responsible and caring guide on that journey.”

- Linda Englund, Ed.D., A.P. English Teacher, Former English Chair

“I finished the Metaphor Cafe a few days ago and it's still with me. I was moved by the way that Pacilio blended the youthful voices, with the literature/music, and, of course, his love of teaching. Perhaps all I can say is THANK YOU--really a deep down sort of gratitude, Pacilio’s work came at the perfect time to light the fire in my heart for these kids who are so thirsty for inspiration.”

- Isabel Pittman, English teacher, attended the 2011 “Good Teaching Conference”

"I have to tell you how much I wanted to be in Bob Pacilio’s class.--I wanted to write the assignments;--I wanted to sit in on the lessons;--I wanted to “Begin the Beguine” ( a personal favorite!). I hope [this] book inspires other teachers to create a dynamic learning environment for their own students that will allow them to think about big' ideas."

-Chris Evans,  Poway Unified School District’s

Teacher of the Year

"Teachers reading it will be educated - it's an entertaining, engaging clinic on curriculum rigor, relevance and relationships."Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe", should be required reading for teenagers and their parents."

- Linda Vanderveen, Board of Education Member-Poway Unified School District

The following school districts have adopted The Metaphor Cafe Series as part of their high school curriculum:

Poway Unified School District

Chaffey Joint Union School District

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