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Midnight Comes to the Metaphor Cafe

"So many of our friends (dare I say "fans") wanted to know what we thought about and how we were gonna get through our senior year that, well, like I said, we couldn't help ourselves. So we begin again...​"

After writing "Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe" and their life changing experience in Mr. Buscotti's English class their junior year, Maddie, Mickey, Rhia, and Pari pour out their hearts and souls as they must choose their path in their final year of high school. Along the way Maddie learns how life can be so fragile as she meets Jasmine; Pari hears inspiration in the voice of singer Saba; Rhia comes face to face with the damage sexual abuse can inflict; and Mickey learns what it takes to step up to the plate and face his destiny. The clock is running down as these four seniors realize that "Midnight Comes to the Metaphor Cafe."

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