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(If you would like Robert Pacilio to speak at your conference, school, bookstore, or any other event, contact us at

Meet the Author: Bookstore Talks

Meet the Author: Robert Pacilio at Yellow Book Roa...

August 4, 2012

Pacilio gave a presentation about his new novel and signed books. Saba (pictured here) was a major inspiration for a character in Midnight Comes to...

Meet the Author: Robert Pacilio at Borders

July 26, 2009

Pacilio's hour long presentation of his debut novel drew the largest crowd at Borders as the Keynote presentation for Border's 'Teacher Apprecaition...

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Lauren Drabble's "Revel Revel" podcast is coming soon! The link to the Podast on "Revel Revel" is

Meet Me at Moonlight Beach

The new novel is out on Amazon and available from the author at . Book clubs can count on me being present for their meeting. FB has more images and the book's summary. Also available at Barnes and Noble in Encinitas also on Amazon (and as a Kindle)

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