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Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe

"Today I am thankful for two things: My Dad is home from Iraq for good, and my three best friends agreed with my crazy idea to write this book...​"

Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe is narrated by four high school students trying to make sense of a complicated, fearful America. Maddie holds her breath each night as the reports of the war dead soberly flash across the screen-knowing her father's picture could be there any day. Mickey must face his parents with the truth about how their dreams for him are not his own. Rhia is stunned by her father who, without warning, abandons his family. And Pari deals with being "the Muslim girl" in a post 9.11 world. These four gather at the Metaphor Cafe and reflect on the inspirational lessons of their English teacher, Mr. Buscotti, who helps them to navigate their troubled waters. They come to understand the powerful words of writers from Twain to Springsteen, discovering that the Metaphor Café is a state of mind-like slavery was and freedom is. They learn as long as they keep their minds open and their eyes focused on their True North, then they will never be lost.

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