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 Student Reviews

“I loved every second of reading this book. It was beautifully written, moving, poignant, powerful, and honest and I felt so sorry that it had to end. I felt as though Mickey, Maddie, Rhia, and Pari became my friends, and that I could see a little bit of myself in all of them. I smiled, laughed, cried, and grew with them as if I, too, was a part of their discussions at the Metaphor Cafe.”

­- Caela Provost, University of Limerick in Ireland

"I just crushed through the book. It was incredible. I found that I didn't connect so much with just one individual...more of like a blend of all of them. I think that any person who went through high school can discover themselves in some combination of the four."

-Vince Rogers--engineer, Graduate of University of California at Davis

"I enjoyed the opportunity to have met someone that not only talks to students but understands them. Mr. P, your enthusiasm and zeal allows us "kids" a chance to feel like true young adults.  If it weren’t for your divine intervention that saved me and others, I wouldn’t have had the same viewpoint towards my future. Now I know that I have to make the most of the time I have. For that I thank you."

- Joshua Huie, student at Southwest High School in El Centro, California

"The ability to see inside a high school teenager's mind is a rare experience. Meetings at the Metaphor Café allows you to hear what they're thinking, and see what's going on in their heads. A mind opener-a definite page turner!"

- Shabnam Habib, age 15, former student 2010

"Wow. I see a little bit of myself and the 60 or so other students I shared that year's so universal to what we go through as teenagers. I saw faces and got chills. Beautifully written!"

- Hassey Gascar- graduate of the real "Metaphor Cafe" 2004

"I enjoyed this book so much that I bought a copy to give to my son's literature teacher. I  hope that he too will adopt the teaching style that made such a difference in the lives of so many who are confused and looking for answers. If you have a child in high school, or middle school, please, give your child this book. They will be able to see things from a peer's point of view, and it will make a huge impression on them!"

- Heather Daiss,  alumni class of 1988

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"Mr. Pacilio Made A Difference In My Life"

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